About us

We love making you smile!

Our team was made to create design that promotes more positive interactions with the people that matter most.
We are designing the world's best gift giving experience. Every aspect of this experience is designed with you in mind.

Aditya Sharma, Co-Founder/CEO

The indomitable leader of our team, Aditya loves to turn ideas into reality. When he's not in the office, this mechatronics engineer enjoys triathlons, chess, and beach volleyball... even in the winter.

Renjie Butalid, Co-Founder/CSO

Passionate about social change and actively involved in the community, Renjie builds our partner relationships. He is a TEDx organizer, a recent Top 40 Under 40 recipient, and a really awkward (note: bad) stand-up comedian.

Kevin Simpson, Co-Founder/CTO

Kevin is a computer scientist with a wealth of mobile development experience and a strong passion for building secure platforms. A hacker at heart, he loves free food and free clothing.

Joan Ang, UX Designer

Designer, artist, systems design engineer and knowledge integrator, Joan is a unique creature. She actively designs museum exhibits, enjoys the symphony, and believes in serendipity. She also collects library cards for fun.

Marwan Mattar, Chief Scientist

Marwan is our data scientist, and resident algorithm expert. He is a PhD candidate in Machine Learning at the University of Massachusetts, has research experience from Google... and is a long-time David Beckham fan.

Jason Gehl, Developer

Jason is a computer scientist who brings with him a passion for programming, gaming and mobile development. Jason loves long walks on the beach and Reddit.

Dominic Aquilina, Developer

Hacker, gentleman and visionary are but a few of the words that describe Dominic. He is actively involved at the University of Waterloo, proud Sigma Chi... and loves Tough Mudder!

Carmen Liang, Marketing Guru

Carmen loves making people smile! She is a University of Waterloo student, proud Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Sister ... and a passionate shopoholic!

Saul Goodman, Team Mascot

Saul is the heart and soul of the Togethr team and is always around for a massive bear hug whenever anyone needs cheering up. He works hard and parties hard. He lives up to his last name Goodman, where it’s all good, man.


Executive in Residence Communitech

Cameron Hay

CEO Axonify

Carol Leaman

CEO Well.ca

Ali Asaria

Designers Cute Gecko Design Agency

Karl & Amy Allen-Muncey

Psychology & Marketing Harvard Business School

Dr. Michael Norton

Psychology of Happiness Simon Fraser University

Dr. Lara Aknin

Mental Health Research University of Waterloo

Dr. Walter Mittelstaedt

Canadian Mental Health University of Waterloo

Jeff Henry

Entrepreneur & Strategist Karta Strategy

Kamal Chopra

Software Developer Jairaj.org

Jairaj Sethi

Partnerships TEDx

Ramy Nassar

Web Performance Engineer Google

Ilya Grigorik

Director VeloCity

Mike Kirkup

Executive in Residence VeloCity

Brett Shellhamer

CEO Canadian Innovation Centre

Josie Graham

CIO Canadian Innovation Centre

Andrew Maxwell